Risk Assessment

Facilitated risk management workshops are designed to address all risk sources and locations which are an integral tool at the design phase of projects.

RiskPro consultants have the expertise to facilitate risk management workshops applying risk principles in accordance with Australian Standards (ISO31000, AS2885).

To facilitate risk management workshops, RiskPro utilises specific risk recording databases to ensure all risks are captured and recorded in a systematic format in accordance with specific Australian Standards requirements. The databases are designed to ensure all risks are considered in depth.

RiskPro's trained consultants possess the required qualifications and experience to facilitate the following risk assessments for your organisation:

- Risk & Opportunity Assessments (Project & Organisational);
- Safety & Design (general, HAZOP);
- Plant & Equipment;
- Pipeline Construction Hazard Studies pursuant to AS2885; and
- Construction Hazard Identification (HAZID).