OHS Project Management

RiskPro offers OHS Project Management services to assist your organisation with the development and implementation of your OHS strategy, systems and programmes which are tailored specifically to your Project needs.

RiskPro delivers its Project Programmes utilising a 3 tiered approach. The following components apply:

1. Strategic and Resource;
2. Operational; and
3. Management Tools

RiskPro deploy personnel on site to implement Project systems and programmes and continually evaluate and analyse the performance of its representatives to ensure a safe and healthy project is maintained and valid programmes and systems are being implemented.

We provide a straight forward but adaptive approach to OHS Project Management.

Our Project Management personnel offer a range of skills and experience to meet the needs of our clients in ensuring that the health and safety of project personnel is managed to the highest standard.

Strategic & Resource >>>

The Strategic and Resource component is the critical aspect to Project OHS success from both a risk based and commercial aspect. This component establishes the strategy for the Project moving forward, sets the OHS standards and aligns Project Leadership to those standards. This component comprises:

- Budget and logistics (personnel) review;
- Project Compliance and Risk Profiling;
- Leadership Commitment; and
- Behavioural Programme establishment;

Operational >>>

The following minimum requirements are established:

- Project specific OHS systems, policies, procedures and risk management plans (click here to view OHS Systems & Databases);
- OHS compliance programmes ensuring legislative requirements and Australian Standards are met.
- Training requirements identified and plans developed;
- Audit and Gap analysis pursuant to risk profile ensuring the validity of systems being implemented;
- Emergency Management and Response establishment; and
- Fitness, wellbeing and fatigue management.

Management Tools >>>

Management databases are implemented including:

- Incident Reporting and Analysis database;
- Statistical Reporting and Analysis database;
- Hazard Reporting and Corrective Actions database; and
- Compliance and Risk Registers.

RiskPro also provides risk management software suitable for all Project sizes. Please click here to view our available software range.