GUJV HDD Shore Crossing Project

Project Name:

Gorgon Upstream Joint Venture (GUJV) HDD Shore Crossing Project


AJ Lucas Operations Pty Ltd





Project Description:

The Gorgon HDD Shore Crossing Project includes the management, installation, engineering and design, procurement, transportation, survey, construction, installation, testing and pre-commissioning of the Horizontal Directional Drilled (HDD) Pipelines for the Gorgon Project.

At the shore, six (6) pipelines, two (2) umbilicals and one (1) cased water winning hole will cross at North White’s Beach on the western side of Barrow Island. The length of each HDD crossing is approximately 490 metres.

The Project consists of five (5) construction disciplines:

- Civil Works and Site Establishment;
- Pipe Handling and Pipeline Construction;
- Horizontal Directional Drilling Activities;
- Marine Support Activities; and
- Pre-Commissioning Activities

RiskPro Scope:

- OHS Strategic Planning;
- Risk Profiling; and
- OHS Systems and Databases.

High Risk Activities:

- Simultaneous Operations;
- Cranage & Lifting;
- Marine Works;
- Extreme Weather;
- Working at Heights; and 
- Scaffolding.