OHS Systems & Databases

RiskPro consultants are able to provide technical writing services and develop the necessary written systems to cover all your business and Project OHS requirements and legisaltive obligations.

RiskPro also provides a suite of OHS documentation (policies, plans, procedures and forms) ready to be customised to your business and Project needs and/or legislative requirements.

To compliment the written systems, RiskPro supplies and develops OHS registers and automated databases to suit all environments and OHS strategic planning initiatives.

The following table provides an indicative list of the available suite of systems documentation and supporting registers and databases. Click on the contents link provided to review document table of contents and examples of registers and databases.

Document Type Document Name Review Contents
Policy OHS Policy   
Policy Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy  
Policy  RTW & Rehabilitation Policy  
Policy  Fitness for Work Policy  
Policy  Risk Management Policy  
Plan Risk Management Plan
Plan OHS Management Plan  
Plan Construction Management Plan   
Plan Emergency Response Plan  
Plan  Leadership Comittment Programme Plan  
Database Leadership Comittment Programme Reporting Metrics   
Plan Training Plan  
Plan Traffic Management Plan  
Database Incident Reporting Database-OHS  
Database Incident Reporting Database-Environmental  
Database OHS Statistical Trend & Reporting Database  
Database  Hazard Reporting & Corrective Actions Database  
Register Package Legislative Compliance Register  
Confined Space Register   
  DG & Chemicals Register   
  Mobile Equipment & Common Plant Register   
  Scaffold Register   
  Electrical Equipment Register   
  Rigging & Slinging Register   
Procedure Risk & Hazard Identification Procedure   
Procedure Alcohol & Other Drugs Procedure   
Procedure  Contractor Management Procedure  
Procedure Personal Protective Equipment Selection & Management  
Procedure Safe Work Method Statement & JSA Procedure   
Procedure Incident Analysis Procedure   
Procedure OHS Committees & Representatives   
Procedure Housekeeping Procedure  
Procedure Disciplinary Procedure  
Procedure Change Management Procedure  
Procedure Return to Work & Claims Management Procedure  
Procedure Fall Prevention Procedure  
Procedure Manual Handling Procedure  
Procedure Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Procedure  
Procedure Permit to Work Procedure  
Procedure Confined Space Procedure   
Procedure Tagging & Barricading Procedure  
Procedure Isolation, Lockout & Out of Service Procedure  
Procedure Safety Identification & Signage Procedure  
Procedure Mobile Equipment & Common Plant Procedure  
Procedure Prescribed Occupations Procedure  
Procedure Cranes & Lifting Equipment  
Procedure Elevated Work Platforms  
Procedure Working in Close Proximity to Powerlines   
Procedure Vehicle Safety & Maintenance Guidelines  
Procedure Vehicle Loading & Unloading Guidelines  
Procedure Electrical Safety & Testing of Electrical Equipment  
Procedure Power Tools  
Procedure Portable Ladders  
Procedure Scaffolding & Scafftag Procedure  
Procedure Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling