Western Corridor Recycled Water Project

Project Name:

Western Corridor Recycled Water Project


Eastern Pipeline Alliance Corporation





Project Description:

The Project consisted of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of a 100km, 1.2 metre diameter pipeline, 5 major water pumping stations, river outfall and a separate balance tank. The project required a range of unique disciplines on a significant number of work-fronts.
The scope included:

- 47 tunnel bores (approx 5,300 total metres, 1.5 to 1.8 metres in diameter) under railways, major highways and other community infrastructure;
- Approximately 90 shafts constructed (ranging in depths from 8 metres to 15 metres);
- Construction of approximately 107 kilometres of buried 1086mm and 800mm concrete lined steel and HDPE pipe in depths of up to 5 metres;
- Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and scada works associated with 5 major pump stations; and
- Marine works associated with an 800mm outfall into the Brisbane River.

RiskPro Scope:

- OHS Strategic Planning;
- Project Compliance and Risk Profiling;
- OHS Project Management;
- OHS Systems and Databases;
- On-site support services (incl 1 x Project OHS Manager, 4 x OHS Advisors); and
- Audit & Data Analysis.

High Risk Activities:

- Working in close proximity to high voltage powerlines;
- Shaft excavations up to 15 metres in depth;
- Trench excavations up to 5 metres in depth;
- Micro-tunnelling activities;
- Underground services and public infrastructure;
- Public interaction and traffic management;
- Cranage & Lifting;
- Marine works;
- Confined Space;
- Working at Heights; and
- Scaffolding.