Auditing & Data Analysis

OHS Health Check >>>

RiskPro's OHS Health Check is a new tool designed to provide a quick situational analysis of your organisations OHS standing.

This OHS snapshot is designed to help management prioritise areas for immediate improvement and what liabilities the organisation is subjected to.

The Health Check examines ten (10) integral elements of the OHS risk management process and the potential affects on the organisation:

1. Systems, Policies & Procedures;
2. Leadership Participation;
3. Employee Behavoiur;
4. Risk Management Process;
5. Compliance Management Process;
6. Communication & Consultation;
7. Audits & Inspections;
8. Incident Analysis;
9. Contractor Management;
10. Workers Compensation Management

Auditing >>>

RiskPro consultants have extensive experience on all types of Projects and are qualified to undertake audits of your organisations OH&S management systems and implementation of those systems which identify the following:

- Adequacy of systems and processes according to the requirements of the business;
- Identification of major hazards and the effectiveness of risk management strategies;
- Leadership participation;
- Level of knowledge of systems within the business;
- Effective implementation and compliance to the systems and processes;
- Ensuring continuous improvement;
- Legislative compliance; and
- Review against 4801 certification requirements.

All audit tools are tailored to the specific requirements of your audit or inspection needs. All RiskPro reports provide indicative evidence to demonstrate that procedures and processes are being implemented in accordance with organisational OHS strategy.

RiskPro conducts the following types of audits and inspections:

1. OHS Systems Audits;
2. 4801 Gap Analysis;
3. Compliance Audits & Gap Analysis (internal systems, legislative);
4. Property Liability Surveys; and
5. General site OHS Inspections.