Enterprise Incident Manager

Enterprise Incident Manager™ >>>

Enterprise Incident Manager™ simplifies the task of recording and managing incidents. This software helps you keep track of incidents and their potential loss, their causes, mitigation actions (controls and treatments) and their costs.

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Fast Evaluation >>>

The key benefit of Enterprise Incident Manager™ is that it offers a fast evaluation of the most serious incidents.  It offers the user a system to record and manage actions to reduce the likelihood of such an event re-occurring.

Unlimited Number of Incidents >>>

This software allows you to enter an unlimited number of incidents by division, department, location, asset, project and incident category.   Enterprise Incident Manager™ has programmes to capture, analyse and report on incidents and complaints and their causes and mitigation actions.

Different Incident Types >>>

Enterprise Incident Manager™ has been designed mainly for injury incidents supporting country specific workplace safety standards such as AS/NZS 4801, AS/NZS 4804, AS 1885, OSHA, NIOSH, OHSAS 18000, etc. 

However, the software is able to manage other incidents including criminal acts such as fraud, theft and arson, or natural hazards such as flood, fire, etc.  The system is able to manage information relating to complaints, investigations and witnesses.

Mitigation Management >>>

This programme allows for the full management of mitigation actions (controls and treatments) including responsible business unit or external party, estimated costs and benefits, due dates and business owner alerts. It is ideal for enterprise-wide incident management where considerable dollar values are involved in mitigation, or project by project incident mitigation.

Enterprise Risk Manager™ Interface >>>

Enterprise Incident Manager™ may stand alone or be used with Enterprise Risk Manager™.  It has programmes for recording incidents, their causes and treatment actions, producing lists of incidents by various selection criteria, and producing trend reports of incidents.

Users of Enterprise Incident Manager™ are able to record what they consider to be the cause of the incident. This programme provides the means to document investigations, witness statements, etc.  Ideally, when interfaced with Enterprise Risk Manager™, it triggers the creation of associated risks in the Enterprise Risk Manager™.