Compliance & Audit Manager

Control Self Assessment >>>

A Control Self Assessment (CSA) system provides a means by which Internal Auditors may setup CSA templates and business users may complete CSAs relevant to their business unit. A CSA is a checklist of items that relate to a specific area of business or business process.

A control (or a series of controls) is put in place to address or limit an exposure. Controls remain in place as part of an operating system of procedures or processes and are regularly tested to ensure they are operating efficiently and effectively to minimise exposures.

This system is much more powerful than a simple Control Self Assessment system, in that it is web-enabled and maintains information right across the enterprise and enables easy yearly update.

Typical assessments include compliance with regulations or stock exchange principles, operational efficiency, effectiveness, cost savings and revenue enhancement, and the many facets of risk management.

Fast Evaluation >>>

The key benefit of Control Self Assessment is that it offers a fast evaluation of business units and business processes. It offers the business managers a system to help achieve best practice quickly.

Unlimited number of Assessments >>>

This software allows you to enter an unlimited number of Assessments by division, department, facility or function. It allows any number of questions per assessment, and each question explains the required action if the question response is in the negative. When all questions have been answered, the system provides a rating based on a scoring formula.

Flexible Process >>>

Your CSA-RM process might be such that after conducting a CSA, the business unit either fixes the problem straight away, or logs a risk in the Enterprise Risk Manager™ for analysis and mitigation.  Mitigation involves taking action to reduce the risk; it may require the adjustment, removal or implementation of a control.

Assessment Management >>>

This programme allows for the management of assessments including ownership at each level of the business, reference documents and assessment history. It is ideal for whole-of-business control self assessments because it reduces the time and effort to gather assessment information.

Enterprise Risk Manager™ Interface >>>

Control Self Assessment may stand alone or be an extension of Enterprise Risk Manager™.